Release Notes

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.127 - 08/03/2018

Learning - Issue fix - The appointment cancellation letter is sent to the internal trainer without issues when the trainer is changed or removed.
Performance - Improvement - Reviews for the 360 assessment are generated in the long operation mode.
Core HR - Issue fix - Termination records for the terminated employees are correctly generated in the employment history. 
Core HR - Issue fix - The employees with the Manager role can view their job contracts when the contracts are set up to be unaccessible for the managers.
Performance - Improvement - The employee information in the performance review form is displayed according to the Quick Employee Info setting under Settings and Configuration > Settings > Employee Database > Advanced.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.126 - 07/26/2018

Core HR, Learning - New functionality - New setting Number of Future Training Budget Periods was added. The new setting allows allocating training budgets for future periods.
Candidate Self-Service - Improvement - The job offers in the status Pending will not be displayed in the candidate self-service.
Learning - Issue fix - Time shifting in the multi-day training schedule works without issues.
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - The Calculated Duration is displayed correctly for the absences in the Safari browser.
Learning - Improvement - The appointment cancellation letter will be sent to the internal trainer when the trainer is changed or removed.
Permissions - Improvement - The button text was changed for the ES HR Admin group in the Training Feedback form.
Learning - Issue fix - The Send Request button is displayed or hidden in the Event Details and Learning Material Details forms depending on the current learning material assignment status.
Performance - Improvement - The competencies in the Competency Assessment Analysis report are sorted descending by the competency level, and each competency level is ordered ascending by the employee title.
Learning - Issue fix - Performance issue was fixed within the learning group assignment. Development activities are created without issues.
Recruiting - Issue fix - The users with the Manager role will be able to see only the interviews related to their job openings and interviews where they are interviewers.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.125 - 07/19/2018

Learning - New functionality - Lanteria HR can be integrated with LinkedIn Learning. The integration job creates learning materials based on the LinkedIn courses. The users from Lanteria HR can be uploaded to LinkedIn Learning through the .csv file. The development activities will be autocompleted in Lanteria HR based on the LinkedIn course results.
Learning - New functionality - The field code has been added to the Learning Material Categories list. A new category LinkedIn Learning with code added to master content.
Core HR - Improvement - Table sorting and filtering has been enabled for the following pages: the Employee Disciplinary Actions, Employee Education and Off Boarding Details. 
Performance - Issue fix - Sorting by column in Performance Review Rounds and Performance Reviews works without issues.
Learning - Issue fix - When assigning a learning material with the status Completed and the Collect Feedback on Completion check box selected, the feedback forms are generated correctly.
Performance - Issue fix - The Goal Map, Goals Dashboard and Employee Objectives Report work without issues with big amounts of data.
Learning - Improvement - After clicking View All in the Personal Development Plan, the development activities with the status Not Started are displayed on the top of the page.

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.124 - 07/12/2018

Recruiting - Improvement - When creating a job opening or a candidate, you can specify several locations. Locations specified by candidate through Candidate Self-Service are copied to the candidate card created in Lanteria HR.
Core HR - Improvement - When creating a job description request, the users can specify the org unit.
Core HR - Issue fix - When filling in form for the HR process action of the Fill Form type, the data entered into the field of the picker type is saved without issues. 
Core HR - Improvement - Now table on pages with the Child Table View web part have correct structure and this allows using the JQuery DataTable for this table.
Performnace - Issue fix - When the user deletes an item in the Custom List section of the performance review form, the user is redirected to the review form after the item is deleted.
Core HR - Issue fix - The employee photos can be uploaded without issues.
Learning - Improvement - The status of the training request is not included into the training request Comments field.
Learning - Issue fix - When opening a training event without learning material from the Training Schedule, the empty sections (Course Objectives, Documents) are hidden.
Recruiting - Improvement - The candidate documents will open in a new tab (like employee documents).
Learning - Issue fix - Only the following roles can edit the final score: HR, Training Manager, Local HR.
Core HR - Improvement - Now an employee can be rehired and then terminated. It works for immediate or future assignments.
Learning - Improvement - When the training event details are edited, the Appointment change notification will be sent only if the following is changed:
- Start dade
- End date 
- Room
- Schedule (i.e. time within one day)

Lanteria HR for SharePoint, Version 4.4.123 - 07/03/2018

Compensation - Improvement - The Compensation dashboard works with the trillion amounts.
Learning - Improvement - The failed development activities are displayed as missing in the the Required Training Report.
Learning - Improvement - When uploading certificates for the employees, the certificate types are sorted alphabetically.
Learning - Issue fix - The Training Request Approval Action setting can be set to Create Activity and the system saves the setting changes. 
Learning - Issue fix - The users can work with the rich text fields in the learning material Edit form without issues.
Learning - Issue fix - From the Training Schedule, the employee can be added to the waiting list of the fully booked training event.
Other - Issue fix - Column ordering by date works correctly with the custom user locales.
Core HR - Issue fix - If there are no process templates set up, error message will display in the form that opens after clicking Start HR Process and the Save button in this form will be hidden. 
Learning - Issue fix - After the certificate has been generated for the employee, the notification is sent out correctly.
Candidate Self Service - Improvement - Extended lookups can be set up for the Candidate Self Service Job Opening Details Page. 
Core HR, Recruiting - Improvement - If the Sharepoint preview mode is set up in the server web application general settings, the .pdf documents are opened in a separate window.
Learning - Improvement - The development activity Cancellation Reason field can be used in the notification tasks.
Performance - Issue fix - HR users can update the competency importance without issues.
Core HR - Improvement - Now table on pages with the Child Table View WebPart has correct structure and this allows to use the JQuery DataTable for this table.
Learning - Issue fix - The meeting room booking is working correctly when editing the training events with the earlier Exchange versions (2007/2010).
Time and Attendance - Issue fix - When registering absences, the employees can select acting person from a list of active employees.
Other - Improvement - The permissions setup has been modified to allow a more flexible management of the custom roles. To view the changes, click Settings > Settings and Configuration > System Settings. Under Menu Sections and Menu Items a new field Hide For Users has been added to hide parts of the menu for the users or user groups. Under Roles and Permissions > Permissions Editor a new field Denied HR Groups has been added to facilitate creating custom roles. Information about user groups has been added to the Access Denied page.
Core HR - Improvement - Document types can be set up to be mandatory by the employment type. 
Learning - Improvement - Internal trainers will receive the training event appointments similarly to the training participants. 
Core HR - Improvement - HR Helpdesk requests can be assigned to multiple responsible persons (any of them can process the request).
Recruiting - Issue fix - Interviews created with the past dates are correctly displayed in the interview calendar. 
Performance - Improvement - If the Competency Storage is set to SQL, the users can edit and delete the comments provided when assessing the competencies.  
Compensation - Issue fix - The employees with the empty employment date will not participate in the salary review. 
Other - Improvement - The child table view control displays time in addition to date if the field type is Date and Time.