Lanteria Referral Program provides referral commission (10% of total project size after signing the contract) to companies and individuals that recommend Lanteria HR to their customers and prospects.

Join Referral Program

Lanteria learning management system for SharePoint


Excellent Revenue opportunity: 10% commission of total project size

No commitment is required from your side

Immediate payment once an agreement with customer is signed

Support from Lanteria sales and technical teams

Access to partner portal, sales and training materials

Acting as a truthful advisor and consultant

7 easy steps to get your referral fee

  • Register as a referral partner

  • Recommend Lanteria product to your customer or prospect

  • Go to the Partner Portal and enter prospect's details to "Submit a lead" form

  • That's it! Now you can lay back and let the Lanteria sales team take care of the sales process

  • Track the lead's status with "My Leads" page on the Partner Portal

  • When a customer makes a decision to buy and signs an agreement, his status changes to Success! and you receive an email notification

  • Get your referral fee in any way that is suitable for you!


  • License Fee
    (Customer is a financial company with 500 employees, which wants to utilize all Lanteria HR modules)
  • Implementation Services
  • Total

  • Your Commission